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Healthy Living, Personal Trainer, Fitness, Nutrition, Sherman Oaks
Healthy Living, Personal Trainer, Fitness, Nutrition, Sherman Oaks
Healthy Living, Personal Trainer, Fitness, Nutrition, Sherman Oaks

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Lars P. Harding, Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Lars started out the way most of us begin...with a strong desire to improve his physical appearance and level of fitness. Like so many others, he joined a local gym and started pumping those weights up and down and running as fast as possible on a treadmill. Regardless of how hard he worked out, his body did not change that much. Finally, after a decade of grueling workouts and ongoing disappointment, he came to the conclusion that he was doing something wrong.

He enlisted the help of personal trainers and nutrition experts and immediately recognized that their influence, training and expertise made a significant difference on his progress! Instead of relying on junk science and myths about food and exercise, he began to learn how the human body actually functions and how to apply that knowledge. The results he had previously hoped for, were soon realized, as his level of fitness and energy steadily improved.

Lars continued on this path of research, training and study over the next 15 years developing a system that actually works. His plan is one that can be followed by anyone to achieve steady and desirable results. He now offers a lecture series on his HLN (Healthy-Living-Nutrition) System and has a fitness book in progress.

The HLN program is not another short term fad diet or weight loss scheme, but a complete lifestyle plan designed for the long term. Lars' program teaches you to incorporate the science of food chemistry and exercise psychology into your every day life in order to make your achievements lasting ones.

Lars P. Harding's Education, Certifications and Experience:

  • Gold's Gym - 9 yrs. Trainer/Nutritionist
  • American Council on Exercise - Certified
  • International Fitness Professionals Assoc. - Sports Nutritionist
  • APEX - Nutritionist
  • International Sports Sciences Association - Nutrition
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Nutrition
  • A.A. Psychology - El Camino College
  • B.S. - University of Southern California

For more information call Lars at: (562) 230-5277
or email him at: LarsPHarding@hotmail.com
Serving clients in Toluca Lake, Long Beach, Burbank, Glendale, Sherman Oaks
and other communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area