Lars Harding offers a range of seminars to help you lead a fit and healthy life. Please select from below:

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Eat to Live... Don't Live to Eat.

Why you need Healthy Living Seminars -

What we eat determines how we think and how we feel!


Did you know can decrease your employee health-related expenditures? Fact: obese employees use 23% more sick days than healthy individuals.


Has your team reached a performance plateau? How effective are the supplements they are taking? Are your pre-game meals enhancing or hindering your athletic performance?


Why are some entertainers filled with mood swings and erratic behavior? Why do I get heavier as I get older even though I eat less? Do caffeine and cigarettes affect performance?

Pep Squads?

Are your pre-competition snacks robbing you of energy? Are your squad members able to concentrate? What's the best weight resistance and flexibility routine to use?

Clubs and Organizations?

Give your group the knowledge! Obesity and the quest for fitness is our nations #1 concern. Learn about nutrition topics such as: Dieting, eating disorders, stress reduction, and increasing your immunity to illness!