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Healthy Living Nutrition provides a range of services, including educational seminars, personal fitness training, and customized corporate health programs.

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Clients DO NOT need to pay for a gym membership. Your fees are the only expense.
Serving clients in Toluca Lake, Long Beach, Burbank, Glendale, Sherman Oaks
and other communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area

A series of five seminars designed to educate and enlighten you with the latest proven nutritional training. Find out why what you eat determines how you think and feel!

Complement the Healthy Living Seminars with a workout routine for you or your company for maximum results! Combat osteoporosis and other age-debilitating diseases through proper diet and exercise.


USC Sports Medicine Department
"Lars, thanks for your help with nutrition. Out sports teams have really improved with your guidance."

- Men's and Women's Basketball Coaches, USC Sports Medicine Department

U.S. Spiritleaders Cheerleading and Dance Camps
"Just received the evaluations from the coaches who attended our cheerleading and dance camps... you were a hit! They never knew the snacks they were providing their students were the cause of many mood swings and changes in their performance."

- Steve Stettler, National Program Director, USC Sports Medicine Department

Walt Disney Companies
"Wow! Our park personnel really enjoyed your seminars. Your tips on nutrition have made a huge difference in their energy level."

- Chris Jakwerth, Director of Character And Parade Department



Phone: (562) 230-5277

Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department
"Your seminars are great! Our officers are eating better and losing weight Thank you."

- Police Chief, Bayan Lewis

Gold's Gym
"Good luck on your Healthy Lecture Series. We're sure it will be a success. Finally there is someone out there spreading the truth instead of the hype."

- Jeff Fee, General Manager And Owner

Long Beach State University
"What a difference ... it really worked! I've never had a competitive team so focused on a day of competition ... your suggestions to me on pre-competitive eating was the key."

- David Appling, Coach/Advisor, National Champion Dance Team

Orange County High School of the Arts
"Thank you for helping my dancers learn about nutrition in a way I never thought possible. You helped dispel damaging myths about eating and showd them how to stay lean, healthy and strong."

- Rey Lozano, Director of Commercial Dance Department